XLube is designed to enhance sexual pleasure. It produces a clear gel, free of any taste or odor. The lubricant has a natural feel, is extremely slippery and long-lasting.


    XLube powder is an innovative powder granulate. It dissolves instantly in water, forming an homogenous, slippery lubricating gel in about 20 minutes.


    XLube is an inert formulation. It is free of sugars, salts and preservatives. It contains no fillers, dispersing or bulking agents - leaving no bad taste or smell.


    Simply add XLube powder to water (not the other way round) – stir or shake twice – that’s it! There are further mixing suggestions on our bottle and the leaflet attached.


    Wash your sheets and towels in the machine as normal – no stains, no remains. If you have any spillage, wipe it away with a dry towel or cloth – done!


    One bottle of XLube powder makes a whopping 20+ litres of lube. It is effective, long-lasting, and provides the desired level of lubrication for your needs.

why XLube is special

XLube is a unique lubricant powder. Simply add to water for a highly effective, clear lubrication gel suitable for all kinds of play.

Developed in our German laboratory, it is a specially refined powder granulate hybrid, design to instantly dissolve in water.

To see how easily it is prepared, watch our video - it's fun and very easy to mix!

You are in charge of the quantity and consistency you mix, we make sure it works every time.

XLube comes as a 100% pure, white powder granulate hybrid. To provide you with the best lubrication for anal and vaginal intercourse, the best cushioning lube gel for play with toys, pegging and fisting, we manufacture our lube free from any additives, methyl-parabens, chlorhexidine or any other harsh ingredients such as sugars or salts. It is certified as non-cytotoxic according to ISO10993-5 and therefore offers a real alternative to high-in-sugars, preservative-rich common lubricants. XLube is the purest and best performing lube gel possible for all kinds of sex - from mild to wild. XLube is safe on delicate skin tissue as it protects from dehydration and damage.

XLube is extremely economical. 1 bottle makes 20 litres and more! You can vary the consistency according to your preferences with this extremely flexible lube. We recommend that you keep any pre-mixed solution stored in a cool place, out of sunlight no longer than 14 days.

XLube is free of any odour, has no taste and feels incredibly natural. It is safe to use with condoms, fisting gloves, neoprene and your expensive leather and rubber gear. Cleaning is really simple: because it is a sugar free personal lubricant you need no salt to clean any residues. All that you need to use with XLube is a bit of water to wash it away, leaving no stains or other marks. Towels and bedsheets will come out of your washing machine clean and without stains. Should there be spillage any on the floor, simply wipe it off with a dry cloth or towel. No mess, no stress, easy mix & easy clean!