What X Lube users say:

I tried it and I approve it : the best there is!

The BEST powdered lube. Period

X Lube really helps, it’s easy to make and stays smooth.

I recommend it strongly.

I stop people from using anything else with me now.

Amazing! I missed X LUBE

Best Fisting Lube!

In use the X Lube Powdered Water Based Lube was every bit as good as the best of the ‘ready made’ water-based lubes.

Hey bubble4trouble…. this is X Lube that I mentioned during my show…the best lube hands down!

Trying out X Lube I had alot FFun with FFriends. I can’t believe how it makes punching… Loved it.

Always have the best times when using X Lube – lol

I love X Lube