What X Lube users say:

X Lube just came back with their new formula this month ! I tried it and I approve it : the best there is!

Axel Abysseaxelabysse.com

The BEST powdered lube. Period

BoyhousBoyhous on Twitter

X Lube really helps, it’s easy to make and stays smooth.

I recommend it strongly.

Yoshi Kawasaki@yoshikawasaki

Amazing! I missed X LUBE

Ashley RyderAshleyRyder on Twitter

Best Fisting Lube!

Ron HadesLUX Studios Berlin

In use the X Lube Powdered Water Based Lube was every bit as good as the best of the ‘ready made’ water-based lubes.

MinnieCara Sutra

Hey bubble4trouble…. this is X Lube that I mentioned during my show…the best lube hands down!


Always have the best times when using X Lube – lol

Fisting JockFistingJock on XTube

I had a lot of fun working with @x_lube first time around. It’s a great lube and I’m looking forward to having it in my playroom!

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