What is the difference between XLube and other lube powders?

is by far our the most frequently asked question and the answer is simple:

XLube is entirely free of sugars, dispersing agents and other similar additives. Some lube powders sold over the counter use up to 75% sugars as dispersing agent and accelerator, others add an array of fillers and preservatives.

What does that mean in practise? XLube does not become sticky and does not leave a film on your skin, stain your furniture, rod your rubbers and leathers. It easily wipes away with a dry cloth and is washed out with water using a regular cycle – no salts are needed. It also means, that XLube does not go off as sugar loaded lube gels quickly do without added preservatives. Sugarfree XLube does not need any cocktail of preservative such as a combination of parabens.

XLube is completely neutral to skin and taste – therefore XLube is certified as non-cytotoxic (ISO10993-5). For those of you who are interested in how we became aware of these issue, here is a link to an abstract of a decisive study into over-the-counter lubricants inspiring the very creation of XLube: LubesDezzuttiAbstract
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